Q: Do I need to have Infusionsoft for this to work?

A: Yes, you’ll need to have an Infusionsoft account setup and functioning to use the ALES system.

Q: Do I need to have a Goto Webinar Account?

A: No! You do NOT need a Goto Webinar account to use the ALES system. You only need Goto Webinar if you want to use the ALES system for webinars you may host. With a little tweaking, You can use the ALES system to automate the communications of just about any event or system you can think of.

Q: Can’t I do the same thing with Infusionsoft by itself?

A: Nope. What you can do is setup a follow up sequence, or campaign to handle a specific event date & time, but you cannot use the same sequence over and over for DIFFERENT event dates and times. The limitation is that events are hard coded into the Infusionsoft system. ALES expands that ability and give Infusionsoft an amazing new capability.

Q: Will all of my Google Calendar events trigger some action?

A: Only If you want them to. The beauty of this system is you get to control WHAT triggers WHAT. So some of your events may trigger something, while others will trigger nothing at all, and others still will trigger the same events over and over again.

Q: I’m new to Infusionsoft, will I be able to use this system?

A: Infusionsoft has become pretty easy to use, and it’s getting easier every day. The ALES system is even easier still. It was designed from the ground up to be easy and flexible. That’s why a Google calendar was chosen for its ease of use. If you can use Google calendar, you can use the ALES system.

Q: Does The ALES system send emails itself?

A: Nope. ALES doesn’t send any emails, it only triggers emails to be sent from inside your Infusionsoft app.

Q: What are the limits on this system?

A: Currently, ALES has no limit on the number of events or people it can handle. Technologically, the only limits would be from your Infusionsoft app, which has limits on the number of contacts you can have and the number of emails it can send depending on your subscription.

Q: I’m already using a system that by sending an HTTP post registers people for a GotoWebinar, what’s different about ALES?

A: Those systems don’t use the Infusionsoft and GotoWebinar API to function. Because the ALES system is completely built using the API the functionality is far faster and more complete. The ALES system doesn’t just register someone for a webinar, it puts all of the webinar information for that specific person IN their Infusionsoft contact record, so you can use it in ANY way you like later on. It ALSO adjusts the webinar information to the specific local timezone of the registered person. Something that no other system does.

Q: I think Bob Britton is a genius, how do I learn more from this guy?

A: Well thank you. You can learn more about Bob and his various endeavors at http://marketingautomationgroup.com