Just a Few Of The Automated Live Event System’s Amazing Features....

We’ve re-invented what it means to host live events, or events on any type of non-standard schedule. Here’s a list of the many
exclusive features that were impossible or extremely tedious to automate until now. All included in this package.

Unlimited Use

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Unlike other systems that put a cap on how much you can use their system, ALES has no limits on how many events it can manage for you.

With your small monthly fee, you’ll have full access to create as many events as you wish.

There’s also virtually no limit on the number of different calendars you can manage events from. This can be extremely helpful if you run more than one business, and want to manage your events for both in one system.

Automate Your Fulfillment

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If you run a coaching group or host any type of events for people who pay you, you’ll never want to be without the ALES system. You’ll no longer have to perform the repetitive tasks of promoting , registering and reminding people about the correct date/time for your events, coaching calls, webinars or whatever.

This leads to better customer service and improved positive perception of your business. Your clients won’t be able to say ‘you didn’t remind me about my coaching call’.

Combining The Power Of Multiple Systems Gives You Incredible Leverage!

Nothing out there can help you organize and manage your events like this system can. Read on to see more powerful features that come with this system.

Leverage The Power Of Multiple Systems

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One of the great things about technology is also one of its drawbacks. Each system is designed to do one thing and do it really well. Google calendar doesn’t try to be anything other than the best calendar system out there.

Goto Webinar, focuses its efforts on being the best platform to host on-line meetings. Infusionsoft is the best solution to manage and automate your marketing.

By combining the strength of each of these platforms into one simple solution, your business will realize a multiplication factor. The sum of the parts is greater than each one individually.

Automate Your Broadcasts

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Because most people send broadcasts to only a specific group of people, you can now automate that process.

ALES grabs a fresh list of people with a specific tag before running any actions, so if you want to send a broadcast to your prospect list, just queue it up and forget it.

How is this different from a regular broadcast you might ask?

Well you can certainly queue up a broadcast and set the send date for the future, but you’re forced to select the people it’s going to be sent to when you queue it and they can’t change once it’s queued.

With ALES because it checks the tags before sending anything, anyone that the tag has been added to (or removed from) will (or won’t) get your message.

Smart Time Zone Management

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Ales is a smart system, and as long as you store your contacts time zone in Infusionsoft, ALES will automatically compensate for any offset. It doesn’t matter if you have clients around the globe, ALES will adjust and notify them of the correct time for THEIR local time. Leading to better attendance for your events.

It takes the guesswork out of remembering changes for Daylight savings, different zones or just plain human error. Ales will adjust the time of your event world wide so everyone gets there at the right time and on the right day. There’s nothing for you OR the client to do, it’s all seamlessly handled in the background.

Automate And Track Your Webinars

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The ALES system is NOT an automated webinar system. It’s a system to manage events. It can automatically register people for a webinar, and by leveraging the power of Infusionsoft, you can turn off goto meeting’s email notifications, and use your own. This allows you to automatically track everyone that attended, and those that didn’t. Then you can decide how to treat each different group of people.

Send a replay to those that didn’t attend? – Automatic.

Send a reminder of an offer to those that did attend? – Done.

The possibilities are endless.

Use Infusionsoft To Send Webinar Reminders

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Isn’t it a pain to have emails being sent to your list from gotowebinar’s server?

Of course it is. Sure they let you customize them some but they still have their marketing at the bottom of every email that goes to YOUR list!

With ALES, you can send the notices for webinars from YOUR Infusionsoft account. You have full control over the style and design as well as the frequency of reminders. You’ll still get all the nice features of the goto webinar emails but you can turn off their system, and just use Infusionsoft.

This ELIMINATES the need to keep track of two different systems. Awesome!

Register People From Any Infusionsoft Webform
Or NO Webform At All!

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Want to register people for an upcoming webinar WITHOUT having to send them to the goto meeting registration page? No problem. The ALES system allows you to seamlessly register people for your webinar, right from your squeeze page, or your own registration page. No need to send them to the goto meeting site at all.

If you’re using this on a squeeze page, you’ll be capturing leads, and registering people in ONE step, both actions happen simultaneously.

Got a list of people that you want to automatically register? ALES can easily do this with either no interaction from the client at all or optionally with one click of a link in an email. You decide.

Any place in the Infusionsoft system that you can run an action (which is just about everywhere now) you can register someone for a webinar.

Re-Useable Systems

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Let’s be honest, the process for getting people to attend any event, be it live or digital is really the same. Promote the event, register the people, remind them of the details (who what where when) do the event, and then follow up afterward.

Infusionsoft is an amazing system, but it’s not really designed to manage live events, because it doesn’t work off of a calendar.

With ALES, you can setup one reminder system, and then easily duplicate it over and over again for different events.

If you do the same events, even years apart, you can STILL reuse the same system you setup because the only elements that are different are dynamically inserted by ALES.

Cut Your Support Staff

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You could hire an administrative assistant, but then you still have to train them, manage them, and of course there’s the human error part that will require their (or worse your) time to clean up…

Ever had an assistant or employee give out the wrong link, the wrong time or the wrong date in an email?

With the ALES system, there will be no human error which means 100% accuracy all the time…plus, with the ALES system, it can complete the same tasks in a matter of seconds as opposed to hours that it would take the business owner or their administrative assistant to manage.

In essence, with ALES your paying a tiny monthly fee, for a computerized administrative assistant…where in the world can anyone find a human admin assistant for only $97 a month that is 100% accurate, 100% reliable, and 100% worry free?


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We offer free support and high quality training videos to walk to through each step of setting up this system. You’ll never be in the dark, or out in the cold.

Free Updates For Life!

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Because we host the ALES system on our servers, updates are automatic and fully tested prior to release. You won’t have to do anything to get the latest version.

Because we believe in supporting this community as well, as ideas come in for more features, we’ll add them and everyone will benefit.

It’s truly a win/win/win for everyone that uses the ALES system.

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